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AVM Consulting · The Metta View - Looking Forward 057 - A Picture Worth Taking

image credits Caitlin Mackie for Anne V Muhlethaler

A picture worth taking

I used to say that I didn’t like having my photograph taken.
Not wanting to be in front of the lens is quite a lonely state nowadays because it seems that the world wants nothing more than for us to be photographed, everyday, at all times.
As a new media consumer, whether we talk about videos, podcasts, or social let’s say, I came to realise that the more someone revealed about themselves, the more likely I was to relate to them and develop a sense of connection to them.
There is value in showing ourselves to others. How else are people meant to get to know us?
I consider what I disliked about facing the camera—and how I overcame that resistance - in this post.

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AVM Consulting · The Mettā View - Looking Forward 056 - Blind Spots, Listening And Myelination

photo credits Chris Abatzis for DTS

Blind spots, deep listening and myelination

For many of us, the opposite of talking isn’t listening, it's waiting.’

This quote I came across in Dan Pink’s book yesterday could not have shown up in a more timely manner.

Because you see, only a few days ago, I caught myself in a blind spot.

I’m sure I have plenty of them, but this one I spotted. In a meeting with a new client, I was asked a question and quickly answered it, only to realise a few hours later that my answer didn’t feel right. It wasn’t the best answer to the question. I took a moment and emailed to retract my earlier opinion...

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AVM Consulting · The Mettā View - Looking Forward 055 - Who is your future self?

photo credits via @DTS

Who is your future self?

Last week, one of my clients said this to me:

“Oh, I don’t know what to work on today; I don’t think I have anything to get coached on.”

A hopefully discreet smile crept up on my face, perhaps because I’ve said the exact same thing or thought as much in the past. When someone is unsure what topic to focus on, I look for the ‘area of least satisfaction’ and proceed from there.

“There is always something we can get coached on. And there are plenty of tools I can suggest for you to try out if you’d like,” I responded, excited about the thought of using a few of my coaching tools with him.

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AVM Consulting · The Mettā View - Looking Forward 054 - Be more like Bob

Be more like Bob

Feeling stuck? Find out how your brilliant problem-solving mind is built with tools that can and will help you get unstuck, be more collaborative and of course, effective. Who doesn’t want that?
There will always be moments of friction and difficulties. I’m learning to make peace with that myself, but I’m exploring solutions with the surprising help of Bob the Builder. Interestingly, the answer is in the questions you ask yourself. Read or listen here.
Until next time.

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AVM Consulting · The Mettā View - Looking Forward 052 - Let's Get To The Essence

image credits Martin de Arriba via @unsplash

Let's get to the essence

*‘There is no yearning more important to human beings than to freely pick and pursue our life direction. A clear sense of self-directed meaning provides us with an essentially inexhaustible supply of motivation. But we can easily lose sight of what is actually meaningful to us, pursuing socially compliant goals and superficial gratifications instead. Every tick of the clock can mock us with the emptiness of such a life.’ - Steven C. Hayes

Things have certainly not felt effortless since the start of the year, but this week I share a new side project and the path I’ve navigated to find the courage to go for it. Hint: coaching and values have a lot to do with it. You can read 'Let's get to the essence below' or listen to it here.

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AVM Consulting · The Mettā View - Looking Forward 051 - Something's Got To Give

image credit @Chris Abatzis via Death to stock
The gap graphic via STORY by Robert McKee

Something's got to give

  • True character is revealed in the choices a human being makes under pressure — the greater the pressure, the deeper the revelation, the truer the choice to the character’s essential nature. - Robert McKee

As I type this, I’m emerging from my own pressure cooker. Proof? I left the money I was drawing out at the ATM yesterday afternoon. Hand palm emoji insert here.

As it happens… Deadlines for different projects are moved, and suddenly, boom, everything culminates at the same time. Result? You’re crawling under a pile of commitments, none of which you want to cancel because, well, hopefully, you (like me) really enjoy doing what you do, and you really like delivering on your word.

And yet, sometimes, something’s got to give. Either that or one has to start working through the nights on top of the days...

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AVM Consulting · The Mettā View - Looking Forward 050 - Thoughts On Friendships, energy and work

Thoughts on energy, friendships and work

“It’s in our relationships that we find the emotional sustenance and power we need to thrive.” Vivek Murthy, Together

This is my 50th Looking Forward!! The long-form blog posts I never knew I'd be writing!

Despite my earlier rant (see the piece called Soap box day here), I’m feeling the love as I bask in the afterglow of meeting a new friend, which leads me to reflect on good people, energy, and what that means for us at work.


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AVM Consulting · The Mettā View - Looking Forward 048 - The Inner Struggle, Resistance Vs Allowance

The inner struggle: resistance vs allowance

  • Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. - Carl Jung

This week I’m excited to be hosting my second collective coaching session, Work, Together, see the details in the digest below. Yay!

Thankfully I’m more or less over the cold that had my nose so red it almost radiated on Zoom earlier this week. I’m hoping you have been keeping well.

On my mind, and in Looking Forward, after ‘failing’ at having a successful Easter break, I decided to explore my (bad) mood states, the importance of rest, and what stress or frustration can teach us if we dare do some digging around. The post is called ‘The inner struggle, resistance vs allowance’ and you can read it below or listen to it here.

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AVM Consulting · The Mettā View - Looking Forward 047 - Building community, creating connection

Building community, creating connection

  • The currency of the future is also the currency of the past. It’s simply about intentionally creating deeper connections to each other. - Bernadette Jiwa, Difference

How are you? I’m back from my yogic excursion and couldn’t be more delighted about the upcoming four-day weekend ahead of me here in Switzerland.

The return to work has been exciting and intense, with new clients, projects, workshops and podcasts. As a result of what a friend called ‘too much goodness’ (read my yoga legs are aching), I’m nursing a cold, so I won’t be going anywhere for the next few days.

Meanwhile, I’ve made wonderful new connections recently. Most of them (bar those IRL last week) surprise surprise, haven’t been in person. And ahead of an upcoming interview with head of community at Single Store Wesley Faulkner, I reflect on how we gather (per Priya Parker) in groups and communities, why cultivating trust matters plus I lift the lid on my own experiences. The post is called ‘Building community, creating connection,’ and you can read it below or listen to it here.

If this resonates with you, drop me a line, and let me know about your good or bad experiences with community and gathering.

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photograph @Maddie_Spanie via Death to Stock

Asking why and the truth of longing

So, something funny happened last week. Not funny ha-ha, like the semi snow storm that descended upon Geneva on April’s fools day.

Now, you may remember that a few weeks ago I wrote about ‘why I want a flexible brain,’ back in January. After a lecture with Dr Jonathan Kaplan, presenting the benefits of ACT (or acceptance and commitment therapy, a tool I use in coaching), I had a big a-ha moment. In mere minutes, I went from stuck, to unstuck. There was a big fear behind the stuckness (which I didn’t ask myself too many questions about).

As luck would have it, the same day that Dr Kaplan responded to my email (to be a guest on Out of the Clouds), that thing I was afraid of, well it happened!

My ego wanted to make things different, or erase this whole thing (my inner version of ‘cancel culture’). I let myself be tempted for a minute or so. But this other part of me, more spacious and spiritual, was reminded (both by writing and listening to by Susan Cain, more on her below) that sometimes, we need not do anything but be with what is, and reflect on the nature of our longing. And if you wonder why that's helpful, well, read on below.

I’m not offering this as a coach and business consultant. Instead, as I heard it from someone very smart not long ago, I’m sharing as a fellow traveller, on the path, like you and everyone else.

Thanks as always for reading me, I hope you enjoy (without the audio this week, as I’m travelling). Drop me a line to let me know whether this echoed with you.

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