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AVM Consulting · Looking Forward - The Art of Negotiation

The art of negotiation

❇ Women are not little children. Women are not weak, not victims. Pleasure and danger go together, of course they do. We want the pleasure and we can cope with danger. - Nadine Strossen

Every week, after writing this blog, I wonder whether I will have anything to talk about (or rather write about) the following week. Doesn't every writer has that fear? As mindfulness my mentor, Solwazi Johnson, invited me to do in our monthly sangha meetings, I let myself write about what's on top for me - aka what's actually bubbling under the surface right now. Oh dear, human interactions are so complex. Whether at work or at home. My own situation was an excuse to do a little digging around the subject of negotiations and I come out of this a better person indeed.

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AVM Consulting · Looking Forward - 006 - the Life Changing Magic of Editing

The life changing magic of editing

❇ If you feel that you just can’t write or you’re too tired or this, that, and the other, just stop thinking about it, and go and work. Life doesn’t have to be so over thought. You don’t have to wait to be inspired. Just start working. —Joyce Carol Oates

At the start of this project, writing a newsletter/blog that is, I only saw myself as a curator of interesting news. Itself, not a project that felt too intimidating. I did need a bit of support at the start, and I can thank my friend Anna for making herself available to correct some of my grammar. Having a support system, whether personally, or in creative and entrepreneurial endeavors is not only valuable, it's something to cherish.

Today, I am inspired by the editing process in Looking Forward and in my love of long-form pieces as well as large scale art in the Digest. These demands time and attention, which I don't always have either of, so I save them in a small note folder for more idle moments.

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AVM Consulting · Weekly Digest 260221


❇ The greatest scientists are artists as well.” — Einstein

In this post, I relfect on how our past, interests, experience, intuition, help to pave the way for our future. This was due partly to the wonderful interview I published withDr Andrea Wojnicki, of Talk About Talk (a learning platform & a podcast). My very accomplished guest and I had a wonderful exchange on interpersonal and consumer communication, archetypes, painting and how she got her black belt - amongst other things.

Over the course of another conversation, I was also brought face to face with the reality of my strong passion towards learning, which emerged post-corporate life. So I chose to muse on and research reinvention, what it means to be a modern polymath and my binging tendencies towards the 'learning from anywhere' platforms.

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AVM Consulting · Looking Forward 004 - Your voice, your story

your voice, your story

❇ The tongue can paint what the eyes can't see. - Chinese Proverb

I was inspired to share more about myself after interviewing Hanna Fiedler, a very talented young fashion designer who was guest on my podcast recently. When I asked her the question of what she was hoping to see more of in the fashion world in the future, she explained she’d love to see more transparency, to let people see more of the process, and she used the analogy of seeing a chef at work in the kitchen. So this is my way of letting you into the kitchen so to speak. It feels a little uncomfortable, daring even, because I have a tendency to edit my own voice (or story) of both the podcast and the newsletter, so I hope this serves the purpose of inspiring you to explore your voice.

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AVM Consulting · Looking Forward: The Case for Chasing the New

the case for chasing the new

❇ "In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few." Zen master Suzuki Roshi

For fun, I decided to explore the why behind my tech enthusiasm, as well as some things currently on my mind for my AVM consulting clients when it comes to brand awareness and communicating to their audience. Surprisingly, this turned into an ode to my big brother. I might have never had much of a chance to explore my geeky side (back in 1986 - pre-internet) if I hadn't benefited from his cast-off Atari and Apple Mac. Thank you Michel.

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Make someone's day today

❇ Discard everything that doesn't spark joy. - Marie Kondo

This week I explore common sense, service and contribution in the insight piece below. Also I wanted to tell you about this practice I picked up via Seth Godin's altMBA a few years ago, which I think can make someone's day (yours and the other person) when used well. Next time you are overly impressed or delighted by someone's service, make a point of thanking them for what they did, and also tell their manager. It’s called 'catching people doing good'. Generally, I must say, it's very well received and offers a good boost of dopamine to the giver as much as the receiver. Let me know how that works out for you.

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AVM Consulting · Weekly Digest January 21 2021 - The Privacy Issue

The privacy Issue

❇ Privacy is something you can sell, but you can't buy it back. - Bob Dylan

In preparing the Weekly Digest, I got talking to one of my team members about online privacy: why it mattered to me and what were the steps I’d taken to create more security or privacy for myself online.

The prompt for our exchange was the flurry of news following the change of privacy policy from WhatsApp owner Facebook and its implications for users.

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