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image credit @theguardian

Are celebrities ruining podcasts for us?

This is true: I absolutely love podcasts as the Guardian does; I ask myself, are celebrities ruining podcasts? As if their platforms weren’t pervasive enough? I get it; they are bored. Still, as with anything, there are some fascinating surprises worth the discovery. This week I’m trying Mayim Bialik’s show, ‘Bialik Breakdown’. The actress, best known for her role as Amy on the Big Bang Theory, dropped out of the TV game long enough to get herself a PhD in neuroscience. She tackles issues about mental health, shares her challenges and even brings her mum on as a guest.
Another surprise! After watching this exceptional interview with Drew Barrymore, which I stumbled upon days ago, I am looking forward to discovering comedian Pete Holmes’ long-form interview podcast ‘You made it weird’, especially his interview with Tara Brach.
Let it be said; both are now on my list of dream guests for OOTC. Fingers crossed.

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