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image credits @maxxi
by Anne Muhlethaler @annvi

roman dreams

Returning to the eternal city for a visit is a dream I am contemplating. A new colourful exhibition at Maxxi Museum in Rome is celebrating the vision of futurist painter Giacomo Balla makes my dream even more enticing.

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Photo by Efe Kurnaz on Unsplash
By Anne Muhlethaler @annvi

is polywork the future of work?

POLYWORK is the name of an upcoming professional social network targeted towards Gen Z and millennials where one can share the varied projects they are working on. Why? Because a single job or life is so pre-pandemic, as Digiday offers. I could not agree more. As a consultant, mindfulness teacher, podcast host and writer, I've been living the "polyworker" for a few years and it's not always easy to explain it. If that's you too, get yourself on the waitlist for Polywork and read more here.

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write a thank you note

Some of my favourite writers of all time, such as Martha Beck and Julia Cameron, advise that we keep a record of thank yous, testimonials and any written forms of gratitude and congratulations and re-read them regularly.
I procrastinated on that until recently, when I created a note just for that purpose on my iPhone. There, I copied and pasted any new thanks and congrats coming through. I must say, it was worth the minimal effort of setting this up. Every time I open it, it warms my heart.
Perhaps this Forbes article will inspire you to start your note for shared praise and encourage you to write thank you notes for others. Clearly, it’s worth it.

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the happiness track

A few days ago, I started following Ted Speaker and author, Emma Seppälä PHD, whose excellent IG account offer great learnings which she further develops on her website. Her field of study is happiness. A light subject one might think? Not always, but she has accessible tools, techniques and yes, mindfulness tips, which can help all of us in our daily lives. Discover here

Image credits @Forbes
By Anne Muhlethaler @annvi


There is no other way to say it when in the same week I read that Deepak Chopra and Alicia Keys are joining forces for a 21 day meditation series on the Divine Feminine and DJ Khaled is launching a guided meditation series himself. As a teacher and practitioner of many types of meditations, I am excited by the first news and I heartfully applaud this mindful joint venture, I may even sign up for it. As for DJ Khaled, I'm not feeling quite as good about it, but I have to assume I'm not the target customer. Cashing in or spreading wellness, you decide.

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By Anne Muhlethaler @annvi

Mindful Discernment

Yesterday, I enjoyed a lengthy conversation with my Bento Society weekly group about the meaning and importance of discernment, or the ability to judge well. We concluded amongst ourselves that discernment takes practice, it’s a skill that is honed over time. Author April Davila’s post on honing artistic discernment feels like a great supplemental read, and useful whether you are a writer or not.

Too many people around me can say: ‘I don’t like it’ without finding the reasons why they don’t. It doesn’t make for productive conversations. Going from ‘it’s not working' to ‘these are the reasons why I think it doesn’t work’ can merrily lead us to the next right action, and learn to be more constructive with our feedback.

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Image credit @lego
By Anne Muhlethaler @annvi

lego says 'everyone is awesome' with LGBTQ+ Set

Lego says 'Everyone is awesome' as they launch their first LGBTQ+ set, inspired by Danish toy maker's designer, Matthew Ashton, who initially designed the set for his own desk:

'The colours of the stripes were chosen to reflect the original rainbow flag, along with pale blue, white and pink representing the trans community, and black and brown to acknowledge the diversity of skin tones and backgrounds within the LGBTQIA+ community.

In all but one case, no specific gender has been assigned to the figures, who are intended to “express individuality, while remaining ambiguous.”

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Novelist April Davila is my latest guest on Out of the Clouds. The fourth-generation Californian and mindfulness teacher shared her journey as a writer, offering insights about writing and publishing her first book, '142 Ostriches' - a joy and challenge as it was launched right at the start of the pandemic.

April also started offering mindful writing sessions and workshops over the past year, which turned into a meaningful project aptly named 'A Very Important Meeting'. I was delighted to discover first-hand the benefits of meditation practice in support of creativity. I am now a regular user of AVIM (the irony of the initials is not lost on me), and I suggest that anyone in need of creative support give it a try. I love all my interviews, and yes, this one delights me too.

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Amanda Gorman on the cover of US Vogue, credit Annie Leibowitz
Billie Eilish on the cover of the June 2021 issue of British Vogue, credit Craig McDean


Two Vogue titles, two powerful young women. One controversy. I find both touching, though for very different reasons.

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