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Amanda Gorman on the cover of US Vogue, credit Annie Leibowitz
Billie Eilish on the cover of the June 2021 issue of British Vogue, credit Craig McDean


Two Vogue titles, two powerful young women. One controversy. I find both touching, though for very different reasons. There is something so moving to me about Amanda Gorman. Ever since I first heard her read her poetry, days before the inauguration, my eyes welled up; the emotion was strong. Seeing the young poet on this cover feels exhilarating. Her Vogue profile by Doreen St. Felix also now comes in podcast form. Click through to read or listen

Meanwhile, Billie Eilish appears smouldering on the cover of British Vogue. There is an undercurrent of disappointment, as the NYT pointedly announces: "The pop star known for defying gender stereotypes got a glamour makeover with a corset. Not everyone is happy about it."
We are all multifaceted, so it's up to the genius that is Eilish to choose for herself, but I hope that the green hair and the oversized hoodies aren't lost forever. It's all so comforting to see a talented female artist rock everyone's world in baggie sweatpants. Read here

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