AVM Consulting is built to be a catalyst for change.

Change happens at the edges. 

Our clients are leaders in their niches, all visionaries in their own right. They are courageous, they are hopeful and they care about doing good work. They aren’t in a race to win against their competitors but rather constantly striving to do better than they did yesterday. For their clients, their team, their community, and even for the environment.

AVM consulting is passionate about supporting businesses who have a true desire to connect with the people they care about. 

We are the catalyst that brings about the change our clients want to see. Our goal is to see our clients thrive. 

AVM clients turn to Anne’s expertise when they are ready to bring their message out into the world. Anne weaves together considered strategies that bring out the essence of a brand, its history, and its mission so that it resonates with their clients

Our vision is to be an effective and innovative partner to embolden and resource those businesses and individuals who want to connect to the people that matter to them. 


A natural energy stemming from the desire to elevate others and their work. 

From coeur in French, we help to emulate what Maya Angelou said: 'Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently.' 

The content of the Mettā View is a labour of love.  

Making a difference:
AVM Consulting offers nominal coaching fees and pro-bono consulting services to select individuals and businesses, particularly those in the non-profit sector. If you feel like you qualify and are in need of support, please get in touch with Anne with the details of your request. 

AVM is on a mission to help brands connect through better storytelling.

Everything in life is easier when communication is fluid, when we feel seen and heard. We don’t sit on expectations or frustrations. We listen to ourselves and each other, in the present moment. We take into consideration our own needs, as well as those of our key stakeholders, our clients, our friends, the people at large, and our environment. 

AVM Consulting is a branding & communication consultancy, founded by Anne V Muhlethaler, working with fashion and luxury partners worldwide. What do we do? Brand building. Coaching. Storytelling. Mainly, we like to make magic happen. We support brands in growing their business with effective tools, from business development, people, storytelling and communications strategies.