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PIPPA SMALL, 2022 - ongoing

Brand Development: global strategy and business objectives, e-commerce, digital marketing
Coaching: workshops - worked with founder and team to align business objectives, mission, flush out values and draft communications strategy
Storytelling: retainer - press releases and PR support incl. visuals & films for collection launch

'We were introduced to Anne Muhlethaler a year ago to look into digital marketing consultation for our company.
What we found was that Anne has given us so much more than just marketing advice. As a business that has been active for over 25 years we were in desperate need of a post covid look at ourselves, our ethos, our dreams, our communication and our mission.
Anne has held our hand through advice on difficult conversations, introductions to helpful relevant external partners and helping us step outside ourselves and look at the business from a new perspective.
It has been an extremely helpful, inspiring, motivating and exciting journey that we just want to carry on with Anne forever!' - Pippa Small

Read more about the project here.
Listen to Pippa's speak to Anne about clean gold and the luxury of made by hand on Out of the Clouds here.

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‘Have you noticed how we often don’t listen to external advice, even when well-meaning and useful? That’s where coaching comes in: when we are in a safe space and asked the right questions, our minds go and find the right answer. In using inquiry, we get in touch with our own deep motivations, our driving values. We connect to our essence. And that’s what can power the change we want to see happen in our lives.’ - Anne V Mühlethaler

AVM Consulting offers coaching and consulting to creative professionals who need a supportive hand to find fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. Anne likes to describe coaching as a partnership in which the coach creates a safe environment for clients so they can explore areas of difficulty and overcome hurdles.

Anne’s strengths lie in clarifying objectives. She steers her clients through issues using deep listening and powerful questions to help flush out solutions and establish clear steps so that people can achieve tangible results. The tools she uses range from non-violent communication, coaching skills, storytelling, ACT tools, IFS, and mindfulness practices.

Her clients benefit from the blended approach of coaching and consulting. As a coach, Anne drives inner-inquiry and suggests obstacle-busting exercises during live sessions or later at home. As a consultant, Anne taps into her depth of experience to offer resources, articles, books, when appropriate.

Anne was inspired to train and certify as a coach after experiencing first hand the transformational effect of powerful coaching at a time when she was in great need of it. She deeply believes that coaching is incredibly effective and can drive meaningful change in people’s lives.

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NINA RUNSDORF, 2018-2021

Brand Development: global strategy, e-commerce, wholesale
Coaching: people strategy
Storytelling: digital marketing, event conceptualisation, partnerships, PR, seasonal campaigns, visual identity

"Working with Anne Muhlethaler is one of the best decisions I have made, both professionally and personally. Anne has the keen ability to see both the big picture as to potential growth of my business as well as some critical ways to better organize the day-to-day business operations. Anne is an incredible people-connector and through her extensive network of contacts, I have been able to expand my business into new venues and new business opportunities, as well as introducing me to talented consultants that bring fresh perspectives and energy to my business. Anne always operates at the highest level of confidentiality. She is smart, thoughtful, trustworthy, and a pleasure to work with." Nina Runsdorf, founder

Listen to Nina Runsdorf interviewed by Anne on the podcast here

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Brand Development: brand values, vision and mission development, communications strategy, e-commerce
Coaching: people strategy, agency and external partners assignment
Storytelling: social media and digital marketing, tone of voice

'Anne joined us at a tumultuous time and was initially tasked to refine and adjust our Brand DNA and communication. However, over the course of the project, various new topics came up and I couldn’t have asked for a better sparring partner than Anne. Not only does Anne have an in-depth understanding of the fashion industry but has also been working in various roles that allow her to take a very holistic view on the projects she is working on. I especially appreciated Anne’s very calm, always friendly and highly competent approach which made it a pleasure to work with her.' - Gunnar Brock, former COO

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TOOSHIE, 2018-2019

Brand Development: strategy, website, wholesale
Storytelling: brand identity, collaterals, influencer outreach, partnerships, PR, seasonal campaign

"Anne Muhlethaler was recommended to me by a friend and not only did I discover an amazing person but also a great asset for my company. She is very focused in understanding the business of fashion and has on top of that a very mindful and human approach to the business. Anne is a “visionaire", she is very good at growing your business and by her past and rich experiences with Louboutin she understands very well how fashion works on a 360 level." Natascha Sayn Wittgenstein, founder

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ROLAND MOURET, 2018-2019

Business Development: strategy
Coaching: executive recruitment
Storytelling: event conceptualising, integrated communications, special projects

"Anne was brought in to distill the vision of the founder and creative director into a clearly deliverable global communications strategy. She was tasked with sourcing new talent to lead agreed activations, while simultaneously mentoring a young communications team. Anne’s approach was agile and results driven, ranging from strategy to implementation, board level to inter-departmental, external to internal communications, all while keeping the broader business goals in mind. Anne is a changemaker and can be relied on to bring innovative approaches and new perspectives to any project. I would not hesitate to work with her again." Michelle Mahlke, general manager

"Anne allows me to focus on the needs of the company. From recruiting the right elements in these troubled times, to visualising the brands DNA through social media. Anne is a true multifaceted professional." Roland Mouret, founder & creative director

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FELDSPAR, 2017-2018

Business Development: strategy, wholesale
People Strategy: coaching
Storytelling: communication strategy & PR

"Anne has been so helpful - a voice of calm and reason, always looking towards and planning for the bigger picture even when it was just Jeremy and I running the whole show from around the kitchen table! She has been instrumental in helping us to establish our presence and gain international stockists - through assisting us with a PR to helping to build our communications strategy. In short, Anne is invaluable!" Cath Brown, co-founder

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General Manager, UK, India, Ireland & Scandinavia (2007 - 2013)
Director then SVP, Global Communications, Group Companies (2011 - 2017)
Consultant, Special Projects (2017 - 2018)

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