Why Try Coaching with AVM

We could all benefit from a little system upgrade, don’t you think?

Coaching involves taking us beyond they day-to-day into a space of self-reflection so we can move towards our goals with more ease. 

If you've ever wondered what coaching could bring you and what are the likely immediate benefits you can gain from a coaching engagement, discover the possibilities below.

Among the many benefits of coaching, the first are known to be enhanced self-awareness, leading to increased self-insight and improved emotional intelligence. What does that mean, do you think? 

Well quality coaching (with a certified coach) helps individuals gain a better understanding of themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, their values, and their deep motivations. 

Enhanced self-awareness

Goal clarity and achievement

Coaching, while it leans on asking questions and listening deeply is all about making plans and establishing clarity. 
The second benefit of a regular coaching engagement is to develop a practice of goal setting, planning with a side of accountability.
The session offer a focused space for clients to explore their objectives, and we work together to develop effective, actionable plans to achieve them. Doing this on a fortnightly basis helps the clients get momentum and motivation, riding on the quick wins they achieve. 

I find productivity to be a dirty word, because humans are not machines, however we can’t ignore the fact that most of us find a great sense of satisfaction when we have had a productive day. 

Finding our focus:

Coaching helps clients prioritise their tasks, manage time more effectively and learn to systematise or delegate in order to achieve what they want in their day. 

Without clear set goals and planning on how to achieve them, it’s a challenge to reach any meaningful objectives. Clients tend to see immediate improvements in their performance whether at work or on personal projects, thanks to the focused strategies and support we offer as coaches. 

Improved performance

Stress reduction

The pace of our modern societies is frenetic, and show no signs of slowing. Coaching with AVM Consulting coaches will provide you with tools and techniques to manage stress, lower anxiety, leaning on our expertise with mindfulness, self-compassion and relaxation exercises. 

A side effect to coaching sessions is an immediate improvement in clients’ overall sense of wellbeing. By gaining clarity, being proactive in tackling issues and working towards clear goals, clients move through the world with an increased sense of confidence in their own capacities to contribute to the world and find happiness - particularly as they see progress. As a result, they feel more empowered to take further actions towards their objectives and make decisions that align with their values and goals. 

Enhanced well-being, confidence and empowerment

Improved interpersonal skills & conscious communication 

At AVM Consulting, our coaching approach is centred around helping our clients better their communication, with a mindfulness lens, helping them connect to their own feelings and needs as well as being empathetic towards those they communicate with.

They learn to lean on nonviolent communication techniques and other strategies that support how to handle conflicts constructively, leading to better relationships. 

We all have a few things we’d like to change in our habits. Coaching is a very effective tool to help clients develop new and more positive habits, breaking patterns of negative or unproductive behaviour. 

The accountability offered by a good coach also ensures clients are supported in establishing new habits, keeping them on track and committed to the desired new behaviours. 

Behavioural change 

Enhanced resilience

With the help of mindfulness and self-compassion tools, coaching with AVM Consulting will help clients develop better coping strategies to deal with difficult situations and setbacks in their lives, just as it will help them celebrate their successes heartfully. Coaching combined with mindfulness exercises help ground our clients leading to an enhanced ability to adapt and respond (rather than react) to changes and new or difficult situations.

Supporting Research

Coaching is an expensive investment for many people. I hope that while the above lists some of the most immediate benefits of coaching, you will be reassured by reading that you don’t need to bankrupt yourself and get coached for years to see things change in your life. 

Research studies have shown that even a limited number of coaching sessions can yield significant benefits. 

For example:

A study published in the Journal of Occupational and Organisational Psychology found that coaching led to improvements in goal attainment, resilience, and workplace well-being .

Another study in the International Journal of Evidence-Based Coaching and Mentoring indicated that short-term coaching positively impacts self-efficacy and performance .

These immediate benefits set the foundation for more profound and long-lasting changes, making even a short coaching engagement highly valuable.

What do you say? Are you convinced yet?

‘Have you noticed how we often don’t listen to external advice, even when well-meaning and useful? That’s where coaching comes in: when we are in a safe space and asked the right questions, our minds go and find the right answer. In using inquiry, we get in touch with our own deep motivations, our driving values. We connect to our essence. And that’s what can power the change we want to see happen in our lives.’
Anne V Mühlethaler

Who is coaching for

Coaching is for anyone who is finding themselves in a tricky place, whether it’s battling with work-life imbalance, wanting to move forward in their career but unsure how to, in need to develop leadership skills, setting boundaries or in need of finding purpose to move forward in life.

Also, coaching is good for those who need an accountability partner to actually move the needle on the projects they want to bring to fruition. 

Simply put, choosing a coach often spells the difference between failure and success. 

Do you want to see results in your life? Your one and precious life?

Let a coach help steer you in the direction of your goals.


Deep listening and powerful questions
A mindful, non-judgmental approach 
Clear objectives and success measurement 
Accessing clarity 
Grounding and focus
Actionable next steps 
All tailored to your needs 
Personalised resources
Mindful communication tools
Session notes and recordings upon request


Anne has pursued a number of certifications and continues to study to add to her current tools and qualifications in order to be the best possible thinking partner for her coaching and consulting clients.

Among them she has certified and qualified in with:
Wayfinder Life Coach Training, ATCP Training Program with Martha Back
The Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program (MMTCP), with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield
Anusara Yoga 200YTT with Suzanne Faith of Bindu School of Yoga
The Contemplative Psychotherapy Program, Mindfulness Year with the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science
The Playing Big Facilitator Training with Tara Mohr (pending certification)
Scaling Intimacy, Virtual Experience Design Training
Say What You Mean, conscious communication modules 1 and 2 with Oren Jay Sofer
The Copy Workshop, The Storytelling Workshop, The Podcast Fellowship, and she is an AltMBA 14 alumn - all Akimbo Programs

“The Magic you’re looking for is in the work you’re avoiding.”
by Anonymous
Wayfinder Life Coach Training Certification badge for Anne Muhlethaler
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