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Created by Anne V Mühlethaler and edited by Manfreda Cavazza, The Mettā View is a newsletter that explores topics ranging from digital communication to mindful leadership.

Dive into The Digest for curated resources, then join Anne on her journey of exploration in Looking Forward, where she delves into essays, also available in audio format.

Stay tuned for The Story of You, a forthcoming podcast and e-book project. available on various platforms.

The Digest

Explore fashion, design, leadership, and more in The Digest's three main sections: Looking Around, Looking Out, and Looking In. You’ll also find resources, recommendations, and mindful tips for work, life, and nurturing body and mind. 


Looking Forward

Essays about the future of work, mindful communication, coaching, consulting and storytelling. 


The Story of You

Where Anne Mühlethaler examines the art of communicating your true value to the world using storytelling as a currency. Sharing what we stand for becomes a meaningful way to connect with people, moving the conversation beyond what we do to who we are.


And for more captivating content, don't miss Anne's interview podcast, Out of the Clouds, on Simplecast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever good podcasts are available.

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