Executive and team offerings

"Individual change is not so much driven as it is permitted."
Douglas Riddle 

Regular coaching sessions are known to enhance interpersonal skills and conflict resolution, improving relationships both professionally and personally.

As a seasoned coaching and advisory practice, we specialise in offering a holistic approach to support executives and teams to get into their flow and defy expectations by tapping into their intrinsic motivation, aligning them toward a common goal, collaborating and communicating effectively.

Services include:

Team leadership

Stakeholder management

Strategic and conscious communication

Mindfulness practices

For organisations, one-on-one coaching leads to higher employee engagement, talent retention, and fosters a culture of continuous development. Ultimately, coaching creates sustainable, long-term changes that benefit individuals well beyond the coaching relationship.

What AVM can do for your executives and teams:

- Identify core challenges

- Build or rebuild trust

- Unblock communication barriers

- Embolden objective setting

- Foster deep collaboration

- Redefine success metrics

- Explore and align values

- Set clear mission and vision statements

What we offer:

- A non-judgmental attitude

- Present and attentive presence

- Safe space for exploration and growth

- New perspectives and skill sets

- Accountability

- Results

Our goal? To create a safe container for reflection and exploring new perspective, so we can serve as a catalyst for change, leading our clients to more effective and meaningful lives.

Remote or face-to-face

Zoom, phone or Geneva, Switzerland

CEOs, managers, talents – those aiming for professional growth and leadership development.

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