Embark on a transformative journey with AVM Consulting, where success meets expertise. Led by industry luminary and certified coach Anne Mühlethaler, we specialise in empowering fashion and luxury partners worldwide to actualise their brand's vision.

At AVM Consulting, we are architects of change, dedicated to igniting profound transformations in the brands we serve. Founder Anne Mühlethaler is renowned for her strategic acumen and creative prowess, seamlessly blending business development expertise with captivating storytelling techniques.

We are more than consultants; we are catalysts for change, driven by a singular mission: to empower brands to forge deeper connections through compelling storytelling.

Passionate about fostering purpose-led enterprises, we are committed to nurturing businesses, aligning messaging, and fostering impactful growth that resonates globally.

Anne Muhlethaler, coach, consultant and Chief Vision Offier at AVM consulting
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What sets us apart?

AVM Consulting specialises in:

- Brand Building
- Coaching
- Storytelling

But above all, we're in the business of making magic happen.

Struggling to captivate your audience? Feeling adrift from your brand's purpose? Motivating your team feels like an uphill battle?

Let AVM Consulting be your guiding light. Our tailored solutions encompass comprehensive business development strategies, holistic storytelling frameworks, and transformative coaching methodologies.

Experience a unique approach to brand development and communication, where advisory prowess, intricate storytelling, and coaching converge to drive purposeful change.

Working with Anne has been incredibly insightful. She had a deep understanding of both me and my business, bringing attention to details I had overlooked and expanding my understanding of what I had to offer. She provided clarity and direction, helping me redefine the purpose and being of my business. Anne guided me in reassessing my values and ensuring that how I present myself aligns with who I am and what I stand for.

I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone seeking a profound exploration of their business and a meaningful way to articulate their story that authentically reflects their core values and identity.
Julia A. - AVM Client

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