Hanna Fiedler, 2021 - 2022

📸 Julia Astok

wholesale strategy

executive and founder coaching

values and mission, new media strategy, event conceptualisation

I worked with Anne, both as a personal coach as well as on brand development. Anne has the unique ability to almost act like a human mirror.
She is able to comprehend the essence of a person or project and reflect it back in a way that allows one to see it clearly for oneself. This understanding creates the basis of her work and allows one to act with a clear vision and understanding of ones values, strengths and goals.’

Hanna Fiedler

A bust where a sample of a white dress is being finished by Hanna Fiedler
📸 Julia Astok
 A white dressed of Hanna Fiedler collection modeled for the lookbook
📸 Julia Astok

Listen to designer Hanna Fiedler speak to Anne about making clothes vs fashion, the importance of fit, and how she gets her inspiration from sushi chefs