A bright red soled future

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The ultimate negotiation? Probably selling a portion of your business. After almost 30 years since the launch of his eponymous brand with his two best friends as only shareholders and business partners, my ex-boss (and mentor) Christian Louboutin has (finally) chosen to sell 25% share of his company, now worth an estimated 2.3bn (the first time that the company’s value has been made public).
The Financial Times explains: “Elkann and Louboutin have known each other for many years and both insist their partnership is based on “mutual trust”. Exor will be a long-term investor which will help support the company’s further growth, the company said.“
It looks to me like Christian and his longtime partner Bruno Chambelland knew exactly what they were looking for: someone they trust with long term vision, as well as means to support an even bigger and broader expansion. A really exciting and wonderful reminder that persistently staying true to yourself can (literally) pay off.