A superpower we all need: resilience

- 220203

This past week, I’ve been on the receiving end of some bad news. Someone close to me has gone through a big loss and after months of not doing great, has now sunk into a pit of dark depression. I felt devastated when I heard the extent of the self-destructive patterns which have enveloped him and pulled him far away from friends and loved ones.

The one thing that I am already taking away from this experience, the ways in which it touches me, is that WE (a global we, which includes me!), we need to work on learning resilience, we need to learn to cope, speak, get help, so we can adapt to the change. When things are hard, sometimes the hardest thing is to ask for help. I hope this article from the New York Times offers some strategies, which you can either explore for yourself and/or share, because many of us need this advice right now. Read here.