gOOOders: gratitude is a little bit magic

- 201212

Eva Geraldine, founder of gOOOders.com, has told me several times, in conversation, that she believes ‘spelling is like a spell’. She writes in a gratitude journal every morning, which is a bit like casting a spell of positivity on her day.
So of course, it made sense she would jump at the chance to work with Vogue Italia when she heard that the magazine’s December issue would be dedicated to gratitude. She imagined how ethical brand Goooders could join forces to celebrate what we can be grateful for despite the drama brought by this crazy year, raising money and awareness for Cooperativa Alice. Sixteen renowned creatives customized a scarf, exclusively sold on goooders.com, with all proceeds go to the charity. A very goood project indeed. If you’re stuck for holiday gifting, check out the gOOOders selection. On my shopping list? This fun and practical AirPods chain.