is the doughnut the future?

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Have you heard of the only doughnut that will ever be good for you? Kate Raworth, Oxford University economist discusses on the Intelligence Squared podcast what she calls Doughnut Economics, an idea she came up with to help humanity deal with the challenges we face today: financial crises, extreme wealth inequality and relentless pressure on the environment. The doughnut, as explained in the intro, posits a world where we zero in on a sweet spot: all our material and political needs are met without exhausting the planet. Drawn on paper, the space where everyone can thrive looks like a doughnut.

Raworth also explores the meaning of the images and metaphors guiding the now old-fashioned economic models and what wasn't included or ever measured. 'Energy, you could say, is the ultimate currency, not money': that quote is probably the first takeaway I got from my second listen of this exceptionally interesting interview. There will certainly be a third. To save and to share.