Kim Walls on regenerative beauty and trusting the power of nature

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Season three of Out of the Clouds kicks off with Kim Walls, a fourth-generation entrepreneur and second-generation health & wellness expert. She’s widely viewed as a clean beauty pioneer, especially given her latest project, Furtuna Skin, the luxury skincare brand she co-founded and where she serves as the CEO.

The charismatic executive tells me her story, starting with how as a teenager she worked with her dad—himself the man behind niche luxury skincare brand Epicuren—helping with packaging and logistics. Early on, Kim realised that anything we put on our skin is going to [go into our body], begging the question: what do we want in our body? Kim goes on to explain how this empowered her to continue working in the natural beauty space, where she honed her skills as a brand strategist, product development innovator and retail and e-commerce expert. Though she says her career felt more like a jungle gym than a straightforward corporate ladder.

From there, Kim tells me the story behind natural beauty brand Furtuna Skin, including its Sicilian roots, before talking about plant foraging, plant circadian rhythms, ultrasound technology and why we should trust the power of nature.

A joyful, in-depth and very inspiring interview. Happy listening!