Nada Ghazal creates jewellery to connect

- 221028

I’ve got another inspiring guest interview to share with you — this one with Nada Ghazal, a jewellery designer and entrepreneur based in Beirut, Lebanon. She shares with me how she’s always been creative and fascinated by adorning herself, which, as a child, led to her making her own jewellery and shoes with the help of local artisans!

Without the option of studying fashion or jewellery, Nada built a career in graphic design. But she left her fancy agency on her 30th birthday and returned to her hometown, Beirut, to start her fine jewellery company. Her focus has been on timeless jewellery that can be worn day to night — not be left in a safe.

Nada also speaks eloquently about her deep connection to her city, her muse, which she feels has a soul or a spirit all of its own, as well as her experience living through war and surviving the terrifying blast that recently destroyed part of the Lebanese capital. She describes what inspires her and gives her the courage to get back on her feet, rebuild and start again. We also touch on Nada’s wellness and grounding rituals, which include a regular breathing practice in the morning, and her favourite guided meditations.

A moving interview with a warm and spirited creative. Happy listening!