Out of the Clouds #-07 is live with Paolo Ferrarini

- 201012

Journalist, curator and professor, Paolo Ferrarini is my guest for the seventh episode of Out of the Clouds, a podcast at the crossroads between business and mindfulness.

Paolo started his career in trend forecasting before becoming a design journalist and teacher at several of Europe's most prestigious schools. He writes for Cool Hunting and Italian design title Interni as well. We met a few years back in Milan and were lucky to have the opportunity to spend more time together during a couple of press trips (which I organised), back in the days when we could, you know, travel, until we ended up living in Rome at the same time.

During our conversation, he offers bold thoughts and wonderful insights on the future of fashion and how companies should create content out of love, making authenticity a company strategy, rather than merely a philosophy.

A podcaster himself, Paolo tells me about interviewing one of his idols Debbie Millman (the podcast is out this week for Edit Naples), and his new talk project, the Human Difference talks. He will be speaking with Karim Rashid in a couple of days, you have just enough time to register.

Until then, I hope you enjoy my conversation with Paolo!