Abigail James on skincare, self-care and ageing well

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My lovely guest for the latest Out of the Clouds episode is Abigail James, an A-list facialist, well-being expert and author. She is widely known among London’s press as ‘the queen of skin’ and the ‘priestess of facial massage’, and is one of the most sought-after skincare experts in the UK. She has a cult following and her top how-to YouTube videos, offering anti-ageing, face-lifting massages, have garnered nearly 6.5 million views and counting.
Like so many of us, Abigail didn’t get her start in the industry she’s famed in now. Instead, she worked at her family’s food business, then trained as a milliner (that’s hat-making, for the unaware), before she began studying to become a beauty therapist. She readily shares some of the more important stepping stones in her career, which have included practicing in organic wellness spaces and publishing two books, and also tells me about the emotional ups and downs in her journey toward the present.
Throughout the course of the interview, Abigail invites questions about her holistic approach and varied use of technology when conducting her clients’ bespoke treatments. Of course, she discusses the art of facial massage, its physical benefits, and the power of positive touch, as well.
Finally, the single mother of three discusses her latest book, “The Glow Plan”, and describes her life philosophy — break down, dust yourself off and try again! A moving, inspiring, and very joyful interview. Happy listening!