Dr Jonathan Kaplan on urban mindfulness, psychological flexibility and living from our values

- 220621

In the latest Out of the Clouds episode, I interview licensed clinical psychologist, author and teacher Dr Jonathan Kaplan Ph.D. He is an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy practitioner, expert in cognitive behavioural therapy and works with the application of mindfulness and meditation in psychotherapy. He runs the Soho CBT Therapy + Mindfulness Center in New York.
You may even remember that thanks to Dr Kaplan's lecture, I'd written a blog post about why I want a flexible brain! Well, I emailed him to let me know and here we are :)

Dr Kaplan shares with me how he landed in the field of psychology after an early career in law, as well as his own introduction to the benefits of building a meditation practice while working with patients with psychiatric disability. I also ask Dr Kaplan his thoughts on how those of us living in noisy big cities can navigate through it all, which he’s written about in his column and subsequent book called Urban Mindfulness. Dr Kaplan has also promoted diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in his work, and he and I discuss what he calls the mindfulness of diversity.

A deeply engaging and fascinating interview, full of insights. Happy listening!