Indistractable: a new book and an ideal?

- 200907

Most days it's a little hard to reach me directly unless you are in my calendar because I like to leave my phone on silent. I take great pleasure in disabling push notifications and additionally I try not to look at my emails too often, sometimes not opening my inbox before mid-morning. Lately, I stay away from IG 99% of the time but can you guess why? Well, I have been exploring the potential of Deep Work, a concept I came across a couple of years ago after hearing an interview with Cal Newport. So I was naturally interested when I saw Goop's feature on Nir Eyal and his new book, "Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life". His very anti-to do list approach offers strategies to make time for traction rather than distractions. Even Arianna Huffington approves so I am primed to give it a try. Sign on at nirandfar.com and you get an 80 ebook full of his tactical exercises. Putting this on my calendar now.