gOOOders launches the gOOOd tour with Audi and Vanity Fair Italia

- 200909

gOOOders, the de facto destination for beautiful, meaningful and sustainable products has just launched its gOOOd tour, in partnership with Vanity Fair Italia and Audi.

This past July, gOOOders founder Eva Geraldine took to the road, in the stylish Audi e-tron, to visit some of Italy's dreamiest destinations, with the goal to inform our future travel: "scoprire il buono", or discovering the goood, as Eva would say, a quest for beauty, authenticity and sustainability.

With special guests joining her at each location and a "goood" wardrobe edited for each occasion, from the shores of Lake Como to Ravello to the Dolomites, the tour is dedicated to all conscious travellers, those of us who want to explore the world with an eco and human friendly approach. For more, follow on Instagram.