Is Polywork the future of work?

- 210701

POLYWORK is the name of an upcoming professional social network targeted towards Gen Z and millennials where one can share the varied projects they are working on. Why? Because a single job or life is so pre-pandemic, as Digiday offers. I could not agree more. As a consultant, mindfulness teacher, podcast host and writer, I've been living the "polyworker" for a few years and it's not always easy to explain it. If that's you too, get yourself on the waitlist for Polywork and read more here.

There is still uncertainty about the third wave (or is it a fourth) with the Delta variant spreading (and now lambda), yet this positive journalist writes about six good habits we can (or should) take into the new normal. They include protecting our well-being, increased transparency, and trusting our inner problem-solving skills. Turns out, I completely agree. Read about it here.