Let's talk waste!

- 211029

In last week’s Looking Forward, titled ‘Fashion as Self-Care’, I edited out a short paragraph in which I mentioned how visions of landfills have impacted me and my behavior towards clothes. It didn’t quite fit into the narrative of the story, which annoyed me, but I did feel able to bring it up in the conclusion at least : my Loving Kindness message to fashion. Thankfully, a new exhibition gives me an excuse to bring the subject up again.

‘Waste Age: What Can Design Do?’ is showing at the London Design Museum (until 20 February 2022) to coincide with the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26). Justin McGuirk, chief curator of the Design Museum, offers this beautiful quote: ‘Of all the products of human hands, [waste] is the oeuvre that no one wants to own, discuss or preferably even see,’ So, let’s talk about it - and visit the exhibition. I’m booking!

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