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This very clever and fun email from the Good Trade is aptly named 'The Daily Good'. Simply put together, short and very much on brand, the Daily Good gives you 4 things to listen to, browse, read, or take. Love the concept, love the design, not always 100% interested with the content but then again, as you can tell, I read quite a lot of emails. Discover here

Most product-led emails leave me cold in terms of their storytelling, as they are generally more geared towards showcasing as much product as possible. 1stDIBS doesn't follow that approach and (dangerously) invites me to browse through and salivate over credenza or charm pendants.
Their Instrospective Magazine I often find equally as tempting. Discover here


Probably my favorite weekly email, I never fail to open it and I think the reason is simple: I am always surprised at the selection made by the editors of T Magazine for this unique online-only feature. Added bonus for those like me not located in the USA, The T List also features projects happening outside of the country. I was delighted to find a friend's Parisian flower shop featured in their select last summer. International crowd, subscribe!


I love who I love. And I love Seth. Subscribe to get his blog direct to your inbox. You won't regret it. Read here

I have been a fan of Dr Rick Hanson since he guest lectured in the MMTCP program I graduated from last year. His 'Just One Thing' email newsletter is as a result very enjoyable. Expect actionable advice and smart reflections on anything that touches well being. And if reading is not your thing, check out his excellent podast, Being Well, which is co-hosted by his son, Forrest Hanson. Check it out here


The makers of Bandcamp who released their new email solution called Hey last year, have extended its capacities. As they say:
Email the web at world@hey.com - Now blogging is as easy as emailing. Personal publishing gets the HEY treatment. Write something wonderful to the World Wide Web today at world@hey.com. Discover here

I don't know how to describe Maria Popova's masterpiece of a newsletter, 'Brain Pickings'. Poetry, philosophy, literature, art, psychology, it feels like a powerful introspective blend. Deep thinking ahead. Read here