Looking In: The future of work

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It may be obvious by now that I have a fondness for HBR. Also I am fascinated - and was too pre-COVID - about the future of work. This article about building a compassionate email culture leans into both and it offers a glimpse at work trends we are likely to see emerge. These include (spoiler) expectations around mental health support FYI. Meanwhile, this podcast interview with famed marketing professor Scott Galloway (ex L2 Inc) gives insightful perspectives on how/where/why we will be 'coming back to the office'. I highly encourage a listen. Merging both subjects (work + Scott Galloway), it's good to note he just raised 30M for his online school, Section4.

Mexico enlisted the famous Lucha Libre, masked wrestlers extraordinaire, to enforce COVID-19 safety rules in a wholesale market, in Mexico City. What better way to get people to follow health guidelines than some good humored and yet muscular enforcement?

What does compassionate email culture look like? Discover the tenants here, we can all lean into this, making our communication a little lighter, a little more intentional. No?