Talking Bento with Yancey Strickler, the father of Bentoism

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I am a 'quickstart'; that's what I discovered when I took the Kolbe Index. It felt reassuring when I got the results because they felt like me. My' action style' is jumping into things with the understanding that I'll figure things out on the way. That's how as a toddler, I tried to jump into an orange and black inflatable boat (and fell into the lake, oops - not a foolproof method clearly).

That's also how I met Yancey Strickler, author, entrepreneur, co-founder of Kickstarter and father of Bentoism. Curiosity coupled with my quick-start mind took me to a Zoom gathering, which led to a rich year of meeting lovely people from around the world, all asking themselves questions like 'how we can make things better for ourselves in the future while considering the needs of 'now us' and 'now me'?

The good thing about having a podcast is that I have an excuse to have deep conversations with people. And it was a real pleasure to have a one-on-one with Yancey about his path, from his passion for reading to becoming a music critic to what got him into the business of developing ideas. We also talk about coaching, value, identity in the digital era, the long self and how Bento can help us to a better 2050. Enjoy!