Three fresh podcast episodes

- 220915

If you are back at work - and perhaps commuting to the office - I’m happy to bring you three fresh interviews on the Out of the Clouds podcast, released over the summer.

First I had the great pleasure of speaking to sustainable entrepreneur Nishanth Chopra, whose collective Oshadi is paving the way for a next-level fashion business model. Going beyond transparency, Chopra champions seed-to-sew and regenerative farming methods to grow cotton on the collective’s farm in India that is then spun, weaved and sewed within a few dozen miles from its origin. Listen to the episode here.

My next conversation was with Ana Santi, a journalist, writer and ex-Drapers Magazine deputy editor, who has just published a new book called Three Things to Help Heal the Planet - and I cannot recommend it enough. In the book, she shares 21 essays co-written with a number of handpicked contributors, grouped in seven themes (Eat, Shop, etc). Her goal was to make it not just easier to understand the planet-saving possibilities in front of us (us being individuals who can make choices - something not everyone has), but to share concrete, actionable steps we can take if we want to be part of making a change. Find out how (and why) you want to be a good ancestor, plus how you can help heal the planet: listen here.

Finally, a weekly newsletter by Write of Passage’s David Perrell led me to a great essay (which I wrote about a while back), which in turn led me to contact the writer, Salman Ansari, since so much of his online essays resonated with me. The self-confessed polymath tells me about his journey from coding to start-up CTO to writing online and, presently, to writing and illustrating his beautiful project, a book of fables. We also talk about burnout and how a regime of meditation, walks and daily journaling helped Salman get out of his own way to make the change he needed in his life. One of my favourite interviews so far (though I love them all) with a new online friend. Listen here.